About us

We are a team of volunteers who grew up and work together in Houston and Alpharetta. We created this project hoping to help our children develop a social business platform where they can sustain and spread their creativeness and kindness through out the States and Worldwide. 

Meet our team who makes this project possible:


"ZV creations is an idea started by a recent event, which affect Zoe, our daughter’s elementary school. It was on the verge of closing down due to old facilities and making way for new neighborhood schools. The idea also come from several solutions on how to display the overflow of Zoe’s art works. We thought of a way to spread her creativity along with funding our local schools and classrooms projects. We created this enterprise of her arts printed on socks, tote bags and cards in collaboration with her cousin, Vivi from Georgia who has the same mission of helping her Alpharetta, GA local schools. A large portion of our profit will go to perspective local area classrooms/projects who in needs of improving their classrooms conditions or funding for class projects. We hope you will support our products and promote our social mission of funding classrooms one artwork at a time "- Andy & Doan



“As an active board member of my college alumni association, I love to engage people I meet about my college. As a mom of two active toddlers, I am constantly thinking about how to raise them to be kind. Being part of this social business venture gives me an opportunity to show my children that helping people can be accomplish using any kind of platforms. I hope ZVCreations will grow in order to relief some monetary burden for our local teachers and schools so they can focus on educate the next generation.”-Nghi



“Spending at least 25 years working in the software industry; managing R&D budget; oversee various processing teams and administer tools to major companies to improve their output, I am excited to contribute my extra times and logistic expertise to ZVCreations takes its first step toward making a difference to our local schools. My daughter Vivi, an active middle schooler who committed to this project as the artist behind some of the arts. She is working hard besides me and my amazing husband, together we are exploring our abilities to give back to our community." Trang, Hoan & Vivi



“Have you ever thought about contributing to the community? Well, that idea has been lingering around me for years.  I have donated my hair twice, but my hair does not grow fast enough to make a big impact. ZVCreations is giving me the opportunity to first, explore my artistic abilities; second, to fulfill my goal of giving back to my local schools. I am proud to be an essential part of ZVCreations, where my cousin, Zoe and my art works will be showcase on everyday wears. I hope you will spread the words and support us so we can grow as a business and community helpers."-Vivi